Circle of Life πŸ’«

As we open our eyes to the light of this realm,
We are given a burden to carry till the very end.
Crying about them memories from my previous helm.

At our first cry, 
they tell us whether we are 
a girl or a guy.

As they cut our cord, 
they expect us to bow down 
to their lord.

And by the time they give us our home,
We are given a name to own. 
Knowing that wherever we may rome,
We need to return to our hollow dome.

How does a soul bear so much? 
In the mere days of our first week on this planet.
We need to protect three personas, god dammit!

Male or Female? 
Krishna or Ishmael? 
In which boat do I sail? 
These identities are oh so frail!

We fought our battles in the womb,
Was it our souls begining or 
were we laying in our tomb? 
Risen from death,
At our first breath.
Yet,We forget,
This life is all we get.
So lets not regret.
Forgive & Forget.

And now we protect the identites 
Following pre-determined dieties.
Is this to be my spiritual journey? 
Coming to this,
after my bludgeoned gurney.

How do I ever find my bliss? 
To remind me again,
What I left amiss?
So here I wait for death’s kiss,
For another round of mister or miss.

Maybe by the next time around,
We ought to find a common ground.

On what we can call home.
Where we stop diving this dome

Cause on those nights where my body gets cold,
It is merely a human I seek to hold

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