Direction – North

There was village not far from here. 
Where lived a man. 
A man of no special skills, no know-how of matters of the coin.
He lived his life as it came. He always wondered why we came?

His mother read to him as achild, the nights where things got heavy. 
He saw the reason of living 
The purpose was so fulfilling. 
He spoke to his peers and they were told the same story at bedtime.

This story was not just another story you'd hear -
This made men aspire to have a goal, a direction.
This glory made every second man bold.
This story was one from the start, 
A story always sold.
Stretching all across coast to coast,
The ones who found the treasure only lived to boast.

In every village, it was said.
That at the deepest layer of the ground,
Contained a metal. 
And those who attain the metal saw postively unparamount changes in their life.

Every man , woman. 
Child or adult. 
The poor, the rich.
Spent an eternity, finding this treasure. 
Few found it, fewer came around it. 
But, no one in the history of mankind could ever find its true value. 
How could you? 
This treasure was not to be sold or to garner profits through trade or barter. 
Rather it was meant to be kept close to your heart and heal everything wrong with you. 
This treasure was to be attained, kept hidden and cherished by only the person who was fortunate enough to discover it.

This man, famously know as Jordan.
Striding with his brother Khan in the forest of Juhu came across this tree. 
This tree was marked with a intriguing symbol (D)
None could describe or even decipher what it said. 
Hence letting the curiousity be left for the dead.
Intrigue in his heart,
they headed back to the start.

Sleepless, restless and heartless.
Jordan returns one fine day, with a heavy heart.
Tired from his journeys to all the perimeters of his village.
Trying to find this treasure everyone was speaking of. 
Now, he needed it more than ever.

Tired from the day's escapades he rested on the tree which he recognized with his friend.
He heard something peculiar, he saw the the tree was missing its roots, 
He notices how the tree stood tall 
And every fall, like another tree. 
It would shed its leaves to make room for a fresh start.

Curiosity got the better of Jordan 
And despite reason he dug.
He sunk his shovel in so deep everytime his metal met the ground,
that every branch, every leaf on this tree shook.

With uncertainty the man began to dig deeper.
Every day, even when the nights got cold.
This man came back to this tree. 
Digging, shoveling and clawing at this tree.

One day,
His shovel makes a loud sound.
The clank of when metal meets metal.

He was taken aback and was teary eyed when he saw what he had found.
Be couldn't believe what he was seeing. 
Or was he even sure of what he saw?

The clank gave a vision to the man.
He saw the unknown metal,
He saw something similar to what everyone could only describe.
Some showed it to him but never did he believe that this was the true picture.

He sunk his hands to procure this metal from the deepest core of the village.
And once he did manage to pull it out from under the tree.
He left.
Abonded nature's greatest gift.
Who could blame Jordan ? He lost his direction.
He only aspired to find the treasure, nevermind what he did to his nature.

He went to every home,
Knocked on every tomb.
His eyes, bloodshot.
He finally got,
what everyone simply bought.

He felt this warmth coming from the treasure but he 
was curious to know what he had coming.

He went around asking for the value of this treasure.
Went to his friends, his parents, the goldsmith.
All gave different valuations.
Never equal, some more and some less.

He then thought of a different approach to take. 
Instead of keeping it close to his heart.
Letting go of the warmth and avoiding misplacing it.
Incase if he ever got distracted.
He dug the hole next to the tree again and made a flag rise from above it.

This flag was always still, 
No breeze around it could ever make it sway.
This was somehow an indicator to Jordan making him believe that this flag would always stay. 
He knew that many would come across it but never wonder what laid below it.

Two years passed by,
He walked by the flag once in a while.
He felt this emptiness but he always knew that there will be a time in the near future. 
Where he could claim the true value of this coin.
He studies all the books of finance, he went in every direction, to every society, finding the highest value.

In doing this he was curious to discover the treasure in other villages too.
He came across many trees. 
Some rooted, some without leaves.
A few had no branches and a few were victims of deforestation.

He dug and discovered silver,
bronze and copper. 
He immediately went to the buyers and sold these precious metals at the best market price. 
This gave him sustanence. 
But he yet paved his way to find the warmth his first treasure gave. 
So he made peace with the animalistic pleasures.

He returned home from his journey and came back to the tree where he buried his treasure. 
He fell to the ground with his heart beating fast enough to kill a man.

He looked up to the flag and saw it replaced with the flag of another. 
He tried digging but the flag was surrounded by a force he couldn't cross. 
This force was so strong that it made it futile to even try anymore.
But Jordan knew that what lay below it always was his, he discovered it!
No other man had rights to it.

His ego and anger made him cut the tree next to the flag.
He couldn't touch the flag so the tree beared the brunt of it.

Every night Jordan would return with his axe and try lashing out on the tree.
He thought that if he could shift the tree.
There would be another way in to the treasure buried under the flag.

He tried for the longest time but one day the leaves of that tree came into his palm and read a message.

It asked him to leave her alone. 
It wished for him to move on and seek this treasure elsewhere.

Looking at the health of the tree, he decides to respect its wishes.
He got his closure and he moved on to the future.

Swore to the tree that he will walk this path.
He will move on,
Little did he know that there was no where to move on towards.

He picked up his tools and headed back to his house where no one seemed to understand why his back was hunched, why his eyes were numb.

Why was he home but never home?

He never left his house for days, purposeless, strifing away at life. 
His health detorieated day by day

On his visit to the medicine man in the country.
He came across the tree,
which he promised never to see.

Everything turned lifeless,
The birds, the humans around him.
He went into euphoria and realised that nothing could cure him from his ailments.
This was cause it was never an ailment to begin with.

He shivered at night not because it was cold outside, he even shivered on summer nights.
It was the intrinsic warmth he couldn't replace.
Despite the weather around him he always felt chilly.

He just lacked the warmth he once discovered.
And when he sat beside the tree he could remember all the warmth he lost but he never shoveled at the ground beneath the tree at the corner of little flea.

At the flea, he glanced at the tree several times and the tree shivered too. 
Few leaves descended to the ground but he never allowed himself to pick up the leaves which fell to the soil where he stood.
He promised her..she asked him to.

Now he leaves and with that leaf in his hand from when he stuck the tree one last time, 
He walked,
Never to look back,
He walked and walked

This is Jordan’s memoire of his time since he lost his direction and now all he has to say is:

We met a few times here and there 
And little did we know 
That here and there soon became everywhere.

With eyes full of hope this girl gave me this coin to hold.
I held it between my two fingers and looked at it all the time, you had me clean -bold.

The coin you gave was priceless, 
Value of it was paramount, 
More than any materialistic bliss.

You had this coin all along and you trusted me to share it with me. 
Overwhelmed I run to the tree with the ambiguous symbols.
I dug up reasons as the coin in my palm began to tremble.

Left the girl at home and came to find myself perplexed.
The feeling was the same,
It finally made me sane.
That the coin I once held,
Was the only time I truly felt.

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