Better heartless than having to deal with the heart’s mess.
We walk alone in this abyss
Sharing countless numbers of a goodbye kiss
We miss,
Although are you truly enjoying this bliss?

No more songs of heart-aches.
I say I am done!
Yet my senile heart still partakes

What I gave was never an empty promise,
I just need to you to return to your fortress.
Is this the day I lived to process?
Ranting day & night off of my heart’s mess.

You need to give, me a chance
to truly live.
Forget & Forgive.

Become my god,
Do not pretend to be a tough old sod.
Don't just sit there and give me a sideway nod.

Let the grass grow through you.
And let me become true
You do you,
And I promise not to be blue.
I'll wait for you.
Always know my love was all but new
Only gave it to those lucky few.

It was undying,
Who knew?
I was the one left cut open,
Thorough & Through.

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