Re: Eclipse

Why is it so that when the Sun burns brightly and we cant look at it truly, yet we stay up to live in its glory?


& when the Moon dims itself to present himself to this world we close our eyes and dream of everything other than the one who shines so bright.


We look up but yet cant match our sight


What is wrong? Who is right?


Do we really need to win this fight?


You are right and I can sight,


That you are lost and I wasn't bright.



To know this and to understand.


Only when a person dims their light and shows you the real truth.


We turn ourselves into our beds and call it a night


When we shine bright, we blind their sight.



When we soar high, we make them cry.


When we roar, we make then say goodbye.



Neither the sun was useless,


nor was the moon speechless.


The sun spoke through its rays & the wolf howled in mysterious ways.



Do I blind their sight or end their night?


Do I shine bright or just kill my light?



The Sun and Moon cant be seen together so neither can my good & bad.


My Ying & Yang.


My Mom, my Dad.



I am your day & night but we need to match our sight.


Thus I present you my plight; to spend the night.



Basking in my glory,


To care, to know my story.


To stay - Sing me a lullaby, my knees become weary.



Tomorrow morning,


l rise from the East and treat you to another feast.


I am beat and losing teeth.



My journey is tiring and I must stop being a bother -


To my Sisters, my Fathers and my Mother.



We had parted but now I'm home.


I’ll be the first rise and the last yawn


Before all humanity existed, from dusk till dawn.


Away from Right & Wrong.


I am King Kong and I swear to never do you wrong.


I can destroy cities in your name and yet move on.


We can make the ground bleed from up to down.


I can make all rights in your life feel like you belong.


With me, dancing to our song.



I’ll see you there,


where no other has gone.


A garden so beautiful, a night so long.



I will find my way and my Direction is you.


My vision is new and my belief is true.



Hold my hand and take me home.


Take me to a place where we begun.


You call and I’ll come.


Just dont say you dont love me cause I'll be undone.



Here is my adieu to you and let me be true.


I love you and you do too.


I’ll die for you and you'll be blue.



Stop wasting time and come home boo


To our song,


Come to the place, where we belong.

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