Debt to Death ♠️

The good things come with the bad, 
they come served like breakfast in bed.

We met, we painted the town red.
How does one leave love like ours left for the dead?
Was it what I said ?
Is that why I walk this lonely road I am destined to tread?
Leave me to let my tears continue to shed.
At least promise me that you'd come to me before you find me 
on my death bed?


The Grim Reaper will visit you after I pass & this is what will be said:


“He loved you with all he got.
Lost his way, along the way,

You were the only soul making him this gay.

There was yet so much left to say. You were the only reason he wished to stay.

He was so ardent, even after death he found a way.


He still speaks about you in his journey beyond.
He says he’ll wait for you upon the pier.
& he looks at me in the eyes and dares me not to even go near!
Near her – He would die a 1000 times again for sparing your life.
He would even spend lives with the utmost strife.

As long as he has hope that you’ll meet him one day as his wife.

“I’m merely death, I can’t bother for much, If this is what death does to two lovers, then I dont wish to do this job as such.”

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