God is Found!

The search for God needs to stop. 

We don’t need to seek God,

He is present in every ocean’s drop.

We water our eyes,

Reading scriptures, 

Of truth, rumours & lies.

Not one being has yet to meet God,

We are it.

Right back from when this man was once a young sod. 

It is I, you and us.

Everyone sitting on that bus.

Lets get on one side and come to suss.

That God is not sitting in the shelves or our temples,

God lies in that smiling child’s dimples.

He lives and breathes,

Just like you and me.

He creates us, we divide and leave others be.

Our God is our father,

He is the guarder.

He is our life starter!

He is my friend,

My best security, 

With me till the very end.

She is my mother,

Loves me like no woman can,

& I’ll love her like God even if she ever chooses to smother. 

God lies within my sisters, 

Not together today,

Taken away by their loving misters. 

If you can just imagine this every moment, 

That everyone you know is your God,

What would it be that you would comment? 

What would you say knowing that the almighty, is said to have these attributes:

God is Aseity,

Exists in and on its self, from it’s self.

Why are we so keen on fixating with only one Deity ? 

God is Singular, yet Plural 

He stays with the Urban & the rural. 

He is a trillion souls

& a billion trolls.

He is a man & a woman.

He is the Uber rich,

& he breathes within the common.

God is Black & White. 

Who made you the judge? 

What’s makes you one to tell me 

what’s wrong or what’s right? 

I ain’t here to judge you or offend

Here just to make us pretend.

Not living off the joy of taking one’s sanity.

Although just imagine if you treated everyone like you would want God to treat you. 

Imagine the insanity! 

& even if you go wrong in not believeing the truest version of what or who the Lord ought to be,

We end our lives with one final kiss.

The kiss of not your wife nor your mother.

Death will come by your bed and take you to where you belong 

So say so-long,

- to your own beautiful song. 

You sung it well and now you need to head to the well, 

Drown your sorrows and embrace heaven or hell. 

Just know that wherever our souls go, 

Even with the utmost hate and anger, never late that negativity show. 

& watch how every cell in your body begins to glow!

Always remember who you are - 

A creation of God.

So don’t let any the demons make you sour,

Never let them see you not help some one in need by giving them a sideway nod. 

God is known to be Eternal,

How can he ever fit in any prophet's journal? 

If eternity can be summed up in three words, 

It is these fair birds,

The Past, Present & the Future. 

Leave all the pain in the Past, 

Since the people who caused it to you won’t even last. 

Open every moment up now like a present.

Wake up every morning and ascend, 

The future is not here so why care? 

These moments we have today are so damn rare. 

God is Gracious, 

He gives what we deserve and takes what he wishes.

Only because what we got yesterday is no longer precious. 

God is Holy, 

What we say before and after his name ought to be sacred. 

Why do we insult men and destroy woman.

Why the hatred? 

If you truly believe in your religion to be holy, 

Why can’t every human fast together 

& why can’t we all play Holi? 

God is Immanence,

Permanently prevailing and sustaining the universe? 

Why do we get competitive, 

With what that man owns, how much she holds in that Gucci purse? 

God is immutable,

Unchanging over time.

All we can know is that we can only speak well of the lord, 

Hoping that every time I try, I find my rhyme. 

Impassibilty is when God feels no pleasure or pain from another being’s actions. 

How ever the man or woman may be pressing, 

Does he not know hard we are trying to be impressing? 

If God cares for a being's actions, he would smite you then and there! 

He wouldn’t wait for Karma to take its time coming around.

His wrath will come, he needs us to know that he is fair.

God does not want you to wait for an after life, 

To be ethical is all he asks.

We end up destroying what he created with utmost strife.

God is impeccable, 

Faultless amongst all existence.

We may be a mere amalgamation of atoms with our soulful energy,

Although with You, Them & I. 

Lets make a synergy?

We can aspire every moment to be God-like,

I apologise if I offended anyone with my words, 

Fair warning to all, I do not wish to find my head on any spike!

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