We seek for what we have lost within us, In people other than ourselves, We look for answers in books buried in the library’s shelves.

Can’t seem to fathom the recollections my heart has to bear, Why was it our love so thin? so easy to tear.

Feeling abysmal to the burning facade, The monotony of the days that pass. Why do I bear this cross? Of having to lost the touch of my loss.

It’s time to become the man everyone knew me to be. Some one with no empathy for the lovers he’d meet. A man who’s funeral no one would wish to come see.

Don’t mind me, I don’t want you paying me no heed. These words are something you’ll never need

Flipping through the empty pages of the book I’d never fill. Got so much of time, that I yet have to kill.

Meeting every one with a shame in my eyes, While the crooked had their heads held high, reaching the skies.

It’s not that I’m incapable of love, I’m so tired of chasing the bone, I feared the longing I’d need once you left me alone.

Don’t fall prey to the words that I write. Let me not fool you on this lonely night.

We’ll fall in love thinking it’s time, Although all I’ve got is this hollow heart which easily knows how to rhyme.

Saying goodbye was not something I was good at, Though knowing that you’re better off is what I choose to look at.

Here’s me bidding you adieu, I may be blue, although happy for you.

I wish for the best the world has to offer, That no man, woman or thing could make you suffer.

& even if someone were to come along, To sing you a new song and make you belong.

I wish they make you see yourself as the woman I cherished. Hoping that all you do is flourish,

Who knew? In the end, it’s you who had me perish.

-Sabaariya x

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