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Corporate Socially Responsibility. (Pyramid Scheme)

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a Micro-financial model developed & implemented by Mack Group to; eradicate India’s’ Macroeconomic &/or socio-economic rooted core issues from its local &/Or geographic surrounding(s)

Primary Corporate, Social & National Responsibility of every Indian (citizen & non-residen) to re-build our Economy from the destruction and stagnation suffered at the hands of CoronaVirus 2020.

Fundamental & Core Focus of

• Make in India

• Work from Home (earn from home)

• encourages Demonetisation & promotes a healthy economy using financial institution(s) only for peer-to-peer transactions.

“Let’s Aim for the Moon as one entity, even if we fail, we shall surely find ourselves floating amongst the stars.”

Sabaariya x Mack

Mack Group x Sabaariya are fortune and blessed that they are capable &/or willing to deploy their factors of production(s) &/r vast array of Resource(s) &/or Asset abase to over come daily challenges faced by India’s Four Integral Pilllars : for it is without India’s &/or local Governing parties that we are unable to manage collective efforts of our CSR activities Nationally.

The four (4) Pillars which has always and will always in the near &/or distant foreseeable future should be defined and characterised our identity (collective) by our Nation’s (Individually &/or Collectively) Identifications (inward &/or Outward) as per the constitution set by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar are known & by a law abiding local citizen of India are of these Four fundamental principles:

1) core fundamentals of The Indian Constitutional Framework set by Dr. Ambedkar was that the Indian Culture(s), traditional value(s) & individual yet Collective national identity was at the crux of India’s Constitution.

Indians & it’s array of population (second largest population on Earth) are known to be the most heterogenous (culturally) yet are one of the most hetero-cultured population on this planet.

Despite these difference, we are the most United Nation due to our Democracy (Government Body & Electoral Board).

Despite India being ruled by one ruling party every 4 years, the constitution dictates that every term shall have an opportunity for the future &/or younger generation to step and and take charge of guiding &/or directing our Narions advance forward &/or Stagnant but never shall it elect a popular political party backward repeating the Horrors of previous ly elected political parties post Independence & after being a republic by its Unique yet Uniting Constitution dey by Dr. BR Ambedkar in January 26th, 1950.

yet despit all collective efforts & opportunistic efforts by corrupt &/or ministers sitting in the Local &/or State Parliament governing their state &or district only. have somehow managed to instigate communal riots & disrupted communal & economic harmony of our country in the past years since our Dear Country (India) was declared a Republic on Republic Day for us Indians to proudly celebrate & represent our collective Identity by individually investing in a unique system of faith, belief or culture. Why do you think the foreign are so invested in us? They lack what we have!

Our Values, Our Culture, Our Rock solid Faith in that one holy entity which rules our entire universe(s) and us Human(s) within it.

Till date we have not recovered from the tens room & betrayal of this political party representing our lovely nation.

I refuse &/or make sure of not making this blog a Poltically based or fact based article since there is really no time or consensus that we should be discussing & debate about the sins of our ancestors.

We as a Colllective Identity need to & have to act upon a Personal & Public Revolution.

A Revolution which begins by assessing the demons we have caged within ourselves.

A Personal Revolution against the dependence we are using as a crutch on neighbouring Countries or Industries.

The moment & Period in History where an aid (of any nature) offered to our Nation is of :

• Fiscal,

• Social

• Technological

• Cultural *

• Educational

• Local Development*

Nature, it begins to become detrimental to the spirit of Our Country’s Independance & Autonomy our forefathers & individualist ancestor had managed to keep at bay from foreign & domestic conquerers &/or corporate structure(s).

Begins to tear the very fabric and constitutal pillar our Great Country was once built on (Republic Day) 1974*.

Is the day we need to step back from Foreign aid &/military support since THAT is the day the same aid will start and in the past had begun to be the Decline of India’s Constitution & Independence which our Freedom Fighters sacrificed their lives for despite of its violent or non-violent nature).

National Heroes (Mahatma Gandhi) & National Martyrs (the likes of Shaheed Bhagat Singh) have their lives up for what this country &/or constitution was rooted/defined by :

• It’s individualistic yet Collective Identity.

• Institutional (education, vocational training & employment)

Any Nation(s) to transcend on a Personal yet Collective Revolution of Change.

Join Us! As we embark on Journey #0 onwards. To battle the demons within & win the subsequently winning a war rooted against Pride &/or Prejudice.

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