Love for Humanity will Always prevail!

Humanity > Division & Conquer

Sabaariya x Mack

• Patience • Imagination • Sustainability

Through our local MLA’s,

Give our society in need (99%) a 1000sq ft, donatation of your asset value, to your nearest Financial & Government Institution(s) by simply opening a fund (savings a/c) under the name of :

Sabaariya (Wind, Farm &/or Sun), or visit :

Or any name as you may please as long as it is to stand against inequalities & injustices being observed all over the world!

Take a stand, by taking a seat! Get online & start Buying &/or Selling Virtual Real Estate folks! 🙌🏻

• Mutually Benefitting hedgeFund(s)

Live life KING size, work with our institution of socially, responsible, conglomerate franchisee of Mack Group of Societies of

Donate a Star! to your nearest Village &/or townhall,

To become,
real life (Sabaariya.Heros’) to your nation!! & for your people 🙏🏻❤️

Sabaariya is promoting only through its appointed Promoter(s),

, a [Virtual] offer, never seen or heard of Before!

An area-estate barter, for land to deserved by its 99% population,

Donate a certificate which anyone can buy online, & give it to your local government body &/or financial Institution(s).

Who will then allocate the funds requested by you personally, be it a CSR effort or a personal charity which could be done simply deposit the certificate value by your local reserve bank(s) in exchange for a government promissory note &/or a government bond binding & lawfully dictating Financial Institiutions to oblige under any unseen circumstances.

& in exchange for 1000sq ft land (minimum) anywhere in Mumbai, India, this surely doesn’t sound like a deal any law abiding and charitable citizen of the world would want to miss,

As long as you have intention(s),

The Supreme will reward you in his/her own way! 🙂

Thank you for your help to save Human(s) &
Our World! 👏🏻👏🏻

Take a Bow!

& Welcome to Paradise 🙂

Visit :

God Speed! ❤️🙏🏻

• Wind Energy Structure(s).

Contact : (Tapan Ojha) @ Mack Group.

• Solar Power Energy Jalan Family (Priyanka)

• Hydro-Power Plant(s) &

For 1 or Xyz name &/or number after our Hyper-Link(s) only at

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