Charity begins at home for Archana Sharma. A graduate, she started her career as a model, actor, anchor, business entrepreneur and social activist. She has played pivotal roles in local community development .

In 2009 she was appointed as ALM President for Bandra Band Stand area and she has selflessly rendered service for betterment of the area by educating street children creating awareness on importance of health hygiene .

She rekindled a spirit of patriotism in the area by initiating the National Flag Hoisting Ceremony.not only in urban areas but also in rural areas .

She helped reform lives of juveniles by counselling.

She is keenly supporting the cause for providing free rituals service for departed souls to families who cannot afford the same.

With an aim to promote Women Empowerment she has started an Ngo Women Power Association the motto of the group is Strive hard towards respect and dignity of women .she has selflessly worked towards empowering women by providing basic necessity water and easing her from walking miles for fetching few buckets of water by doing bore well .

She has started global revolution of eradicating cervical cancer and for the same conducts meetings in slums , villages streets for importance of menstrual hygiene and importance of disposal of sanitary napkins towards saving environment .

She has done various programmes towards saving water and environment .

She is spreading message of importance of girl child education and has motivated parents to send their daughters to school .

She has spread message of peace love oneness among all communities .

She is working toward upliftment of single parent and young widows for government schemes to be granted regards to food , health, taxes , education ,housing and has written several letters to Hon Prime Minister of India and has received positive response ,thus helping single parent young widows to live with respect and dignity .

She educates women on sexual harassment at work place and motivates women to voice crimes committed against them at work place ,she teaches basic safety tips for self safety .

She has conducted workshops in slums ,rural areas towards educating parents on valuing girl child and stop discrimination and stop killing female foeticide .

She is working towards generating employment for all women by giving knowledge of job opportunities , free training institutes .

She is educating women towards government schemes .

Today she finds a bigger role to play in pursuing efforts for service of women in all strata of society.

She has been rewarded with more than 65 awards certificates for her selfless community serve and Titled Women of Substance MWI Beauty pageants USA.

Honarary Rotarian

Honoured by Lamborghini group italy women of substance.

Global ambassador for nelson mandela tribute book House of Commons.

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