Aladdin x Sabaariya

A Conglomerate Family-Business Structure (Mack Group of Companies , India) Developed & construed by (Jasjeev Singh Bhasin) in order to pay back it’s hard-working family of finite stakeholder(s) in its value chain by merely offering them benefits all across its own Value Chain.

Value Chain : covering all supply chain side of being able to procure Raw Material for being able to produce Good(s) to being able to supply good(s) manufactures through its logistics channel partner(s) all throughout India &/or Importing Channel Partners

All the way till the end user who buy(s) even 1 (one) quantity produced by the group(s) collective production capacity only*

By offering (promotional benefits) &/or (Pyramid promo-scheme) which he individually believes may aid in serving &/or rebuilding his industry and other industries alike by offering his conglomerates’ manufactured Good(s) by offering his individual co-ordination for helping the end-user (YOU) to finance the equipments sold by (Mack PROTO) or (Mack Springs) to his fellow countrymen (only group’s existing Stakeholder(s) at marked-down prices, buy-back options & EMI microfinacne service(s) via it’s financial partner(s) (Kotak Mahindra Bank) or a NBFC by renegotiating Terms & Condition within it’s own value chain network(s) , entitles such as :

• financial institution(s) (banks &/or NBFC)

&/or negotiation(s) for relaxation for,

• Covid-19 relief in regards with GST liability to be paid on Sale &/or Purchase done by the individual &/or corporate entity within the financial year of 2019-2020.

*Disclaimer : Jasjeev Bhasin does not speak for Mack Group as Manager or Director, rather speaks as the head of Mack Group’s CSR Initiative undertaken with only his discretion and solely to be liable for any legal implications or tax liability left out upon contract forming between two entities, complexities may arise whilst negations and finalisation between two or more stakeholder(s) due to bounded rationalities instilled within general population due to a human nature of not being able to cover all loopholes within the fabric of our Constitutional rights as an individual set forth by Dr. Ambedkar & it’s Founding Father(s).

if only developed & manufactured in his Company(s) :

(Mack Spring)

Sheet Metal Production (Mack PROTO Engineering)

his country the best way he knows, education , equality & empowerment. they owe as a law Social Responsibilty for, it’s internal &/or external Stakeholder(s)

the model of ‘Sabaariya’ is coined & constructed from theory, knowledge & experience in Corporate Feaduilism.

This corporate/conglomerate blueprint, structure, strategy & Human Resource Management skill is seen in ‘MNC & Too executives of the Top Capitalist Brands ruling our World Economy.

and strategy rampant all over the developed nations. effort taken, “For you, By You & to Be You. Being Humane & helping Good(s) &/or Service(s) being affordable & Available to the end user, Through the co-operative efforts of Corporates, Financial Institutions & Local Government Bodies.

A Corporate-Finance (Corporate Structure) model developed by Jasjeev Singh Bhasin by Mack Group of Companies.

In 2020.

The 21st Century coerced is to fall and Rise.

It made us believe in the ‘Power of Now

Rain is not concerned or bothered of our opinion we have over Rain. We should let the source of the problem be the guiding principle in alleviating the collective pain

We all face adversities (slight or unbearable), all spiritual figures enunciated time and again.

Be patient, have an imagination for a better tomorrow which should be when our countryme once coming today and stop being divide due to creed, caste or color.

Is the day our country will deserve independence. That was our revolution that was our Personal Revolution, which translated that fine day into a non-violent, Collective Revolution to overthrow and look the the tyranny and oppressorsion dead in the eye.

As long as you believe that the supreme lord is Just, & he w. today , have faith in the Supreme Lord & pray to the universe all come back how it wise and we come out smarter, stronger and more humane post quarantine unlocks the gates to crippled economics and dysfunctional civilisations it is good or bad. Rain with a smile falls on the starving farming but cursed by the eager brides in next town

Techbology meets Corporate, Social Responsibility

sabaariya is an online marketplace for buyers to meet sells through Sabaariya’s Promoter Marketing Scheme