Sabaariya – a CSR initiative by Jasjeev Singh Bhasin

Eternal End of War(s) on Humanity! 🇮🇳

end this Mass Hysteria fabricated by the people in power of the leading nations, take a stand for Humanity.

Sabaariya is a Personal Revolution in re-allocating the distribution of wealth held by the 1% of the old World Order to the 99% population who are truly deserving

We strongly believe in:

• Right to equality!

• Right to Education

• Right to Information

Begin your Personal – corporateSocial revolution! With us

Make you real estate asset(s),

count as a way of paying back to humans on the battlefront.

Sabaariya is a CSR movement for our fellow Indian(s)

Promote :

Help us, Help the people, help the Nation.

Thank you & Warm Regards,

Jasjeev Singh Bhasin, (Founder & Promoter)


a CSR initiate by :

Mack Group of Companies