We seek for what we have lost within us, In people other than ourselves, We look for answers in books buried in the library’s shelves.

Can’t seem to fathom the recollections my heart has to bear, Why was it our love so thin? so easy to tear.

Feeling abysmal to the burning facade, The monotony of the days that pass. Why do I bear this cross? Of having to lost the touch of my loss.

It’s time to become the man everyone knew me to be. Some one with no empathy for the lovers he’d meet. A man who’s funeral no one would wish to come see.

Don’t mind me, I don’t want you paying me no heed. These words are something you’ll never need

Flipping through the empty pages of the book I’d never fill. Got so much of time, that I yet have to kill.

Meeting every one with a shame in my eyes, While the crooked had their heads held high, reaching the skies.

It’s not that I’m incapable of love, I’m so tired of chasing the bone, I feared the longing I’d need once you left me alone.

Don’t fall prey to the words that I write. Let me not fool you on this lonely night.

We’ll fall in love thinking it’s time, Although all I’ve got is this hollow heart which easily knows how to rhyme.

Saying goodbye was not something I was good at, Though knowing that you’re better off is what I choose to look at.

Here’s me bidding you adieu, I may be blue, although happy for you.

I wish for the best the world has to offer, That no man, woman or thing could make you suffer.

& even if someone were to come along, To sing you a new song and make you belong.

I wish they make you see yourself as the woman I cherished. Hoping that all you do is flourish,

Who knew? In the end, it’s you who had me perish.

-Sabaariya x

Humanity > Institution

Humanity today seems divided, Since resources are scarce when provided. When faced by an oppressor why hide it?

The body is anxious not because we are stressed over a deed, It breathes restless because we are being told what we need!

The spirit does not have an identity, That’s why we don’t need a predestined deity.

Why does being told what to follow feel worse than even poverty? It almost seems like I carry this burdening liability!

Having to endorse the symbols of any religion which divides humanity, How can one be able to maintain their sanity?

You may disagree with me and hate me for I have to say, maybe I lack clarity. – Although, don’t dismiss me by making me seem like a victim of vanity.

God is Found!

The search for God needs to stop. 

We don’t need to seek God,

He is present in every ocean’s drop.

We water our eyes,

Reading scriptures, 

Of truth, rumours & lies.

Not one being has yet to meet God,

We are it.

Right back from when this man was once a young sod. 

It is I, you and us.

Everyone sitting on that bus.

Lets get on one side and come to suss.

That God is not sitting in the shelves or our temples,

God lies in that smiling child’s dimples.

He lives and breathes,

Just like you and me.

He creates us, we divide and leave others be.

Our God is our father,

He is the guarder.

He is our life starter!

He is my friend,

My best security, 

With me till the very end.

She is my mother,

Loves me like no woman can,

& I’ll love her like God even if she ever chooses to smother. 

God lies within my sisters, 

Not together today,

Taken away by their loving misters. 

If you can just imagine this every moment, 

That everyone you know is your God,

What would it be that you would comment? 

What would you say knowing that the almighty, is said to have these attributes:

God is Aseity,

Exists in and on its self, from it’s self.

Why are we so keen on fixating with only one Deity ? 

God is Singular, yet Plural 

He stays with the Urban & the rural. 

He is a trillion souls

& a billion trolls.

He is a man & a woman.

He is the Uber rich,

& he breathes within the common.

God is Black & White. 

Who made you the judge? 

What’s makes you one to tell me 

what’s wrong or what’s right? 

I ain’t here to judge you or offend

Here just to make us pretend.

Not living off the joy of taking one’s sanity.

Although just imagine if you treated everyone like you would want God to treat you. 

Imagine the insanity! 

& even if you go wrong in not believeing the truest version of what or who the Lord ought to be,

We end our lives with one final kiss.

The kiss of not your wife nor your mother.

Death will come by your bed and take you to where you belong 

So say so-long,

- to your own beautiful song. 

You sung it well and now you need to head to the well, 

Drown your sorrows and embrace heaven or hell. 

Just know that wherever our souls go, 

Even with the utmost hate and anger, never late that negativity show. 

& watch how every cell in your body begins to glow!

Always remember who you are - 

A creation of God.

So don’t let any the demons make you sour,

Never let them see you not help some one in need by giving them a sideway nod. 

God is known to be Eternal,

How can he ever fit in any prophet's journal? 

If eternity can be summed up in three words, 

It is these fair birds,

The Past, Present & the Future. 

Leave all the pain in the Past, 

Since the people who caused it to you won’t even last. 

Open every moment up now like a present.

Wake up every morning and ascend, 

The future is not here so why care? 

These moments we have today are so damn rare. 

God is Gracious, 

He gives what we deserve and takes what he wishes.

Only because what we got yesterday is no longer precious. 

God is Holy, 

What we say before and after his name ought to be sacred. 

Why do we insult men and destroy woman.

Why the hatred? 

If you truly believe in your religion to be holy, 

Why can’t every human fast together 

& why can’t we all play Holi? 

God is Immanence,

Permanently prevailing and sustaining the universe? 

Why do we get competitive, 

With what that man owns, how much she holds in that Gucci purse? 

God is immutable,

Unchanging over time.

All we can know is that we can only speak well of the lord, 

Hoping that every time I try, I find my rhyme. 

Impassibilty is when God feels no pleasure or pain from another being’s actions. 

How ever the man or woman may be pressing, 

Does he not know hard we are trying to be impressing? 

If God cares for a being's actions, he would smite you then and there! 

He wouldn’t wait for Karma to take its time coming around.

His wrath will come, he needs us to know that he is fair.

God does not want you to wait for an after life, 

To be ethical is all he asks.

We end up destroying what he created with utmost strife.

God is impeccable, 

Faultless amongst all existence.

We may be a mere amalgamation of atoms with our soulful energy,

Although with You, Them & I. 

Lets make a synergy?

We can aspire every moment to be God-like,

I apologise if I offended anyone with my words, 

Fair warning to all, I do not wish to find my head on any spike!

New Day

Why are humans judged for their past?
If it itself, at a point, ceases to last.

All we have today is our presence.
Why can not we all be as ecstatic about it as we are while opening presents?

Yes I've made a decision that's fucked up more than one or two
Who made you the judge? Who are you?

If God gave me another breathe today to see a whole new world.
Who are you to call me absurd?

There must be reasons,
That we all bear witness of these changing seasons.

If he believes in the propensity of one to change,
Why do you and I have doubts left to exhange?

If he did not think I'd be true?
Why would he give me the day so new?

So before we start belittling the world for being this way.
What does your own mirror say?
Is it pulsating with radiance?
Or does it sit there like a clairvoyance?

Before we begin to shun the humans that we surround,
It is time to come around.
To hear the sound,
Of our soul which is hellbound.
To make us turn around.
Asking us: 
“Why dont you stand your ground?”

Start today!
Look no other way.
Fuck what they say!
Become a propitious lump of clay.

They should fear you,
Do not stop once they begin to cheer you.
Cause that’s when we lose our avenue, 
When we see a standing ovation by a few.

To the haters, pay no heed.
Run till you feet bleed.
This war that you breathe.

Day 1,
the start of your battle.

On Day 2 ,
you see your astray cattle.

Come Day 3,
you begin to rattle.

Asking yourself,
“Isn't it better just whinning in my cradle? 

To which is I urge you to go the extra mile,
End every minute, hour, & day with a smile. 
It will be while,
But upon the last moment,
You would not be the one they call senile. 

Ride With Me

Self-less Love is the goal.
Nothing harder to attain, small price to pay to make you whole.

You can wake and dust you dream like a common lover.
Or you could hold on to the dream making yourself showcased on 
today's magazine cover.

I'll be famous one day I tell you.
Not for what I own but for the one thing I don't.

No pauper nor a prince could share my glory.
They all are in awe after hearing our story.
Why should you feel sorry?
For it is me who wishes to work at this quarry.

Blasting mountains to make room for my journey in your Direction.
I come at speeds which beat every car's production.
It is your right to want us to be apart
& it is my love which will take you back to our start.

Debt to Death ♠️

The good things come with the bad, 
they come served like breakfast in bed.

We met, we painted the town red.
How does one leave love like ours left for the dead?
Was it what I said ?
Is that why I walk this lonely road I am destined to tread?
Leave me to let my tears continue to shed.
At least promise me that you'd come to me before you find me 
on my death bed?


The Grim Reaper will visit you after I pass & this is what will be said:


“He loved you with all he got.
Lost his way, along the way,

You were the only soul making him this gay.

There was yet so much left to say. You were the only reason he wished to stay.

He was so ardent, even after death he found a way.


He still speaks about you in his journey beyond.
He says he’ll wait for you upon the pier.
& he looks at me in the eyes and dares me not to even go near!
Near her – He would die a 1000 times again for sparing your life.
He would even spend lives with the utmost strife.

As long as he has hope that you’ll meet him one day as his wife.

“I’m merely death, I can’t bother for much, If this is what death does to two lovers, then I dont wish to do this job as such.”

Forgive & Forget

You are the reason I stand tall.
To look over the heads of people who pray I fall.

Trust me I aint lying, I swear upon every breathe of mine that is dying.

They say one should forgive and forget?
Mountains pile up of this debt,
To having lost the love of your depth.
I intend to repay every buck,                     
& get your love back if its truly in my luck.

So here's to empty promises becoming true. 
To finding my self to be new.
Shared my body with merely a few,    
Albeit the only one my soul belongs with is - you.

Re: Eclipse

Why is it so that when the Sun burns brightly and we cant look at it truly, yet we stay up to live in its glory?


& when the Moon dims itself to present himself to this world we close our eyes and dream of everything other than the one who shines so bright.


We look up but yet cant match our sight


What is wrong? Who is right?


Do we really need to win this fight?


You are right and I can sight,


That you are lost and I wasn't bright.



To know this and to understand.


Only when a person dims their light and shows you the real truth.


We turn ourselves into our beds and call it a night


When we shine bright, we blind their sight.



When we soar high, we make them cry.


When we roar, we make then say goodbye.



Neither the sun was useless,


nor was the moon speechless.


The sun spoke through its rays & the wolf howled in mysterious ways.



Do I blind their sight or end their night?


Do I shine bright or just kill my light?



The Sun and Moon cant be seen together so neither can my good & bad.


My Ying & Yang.


My Mom, my Dad.



I am your day & night but we need to match our sight.


Thus I present you my plight; to spend the night.



Basking in my glory,


To care, to know my story.


To stay - Sing me a lullaby, my knees become weary.



Tomorrow morning,


l rise from the East and treat you to another feast.


I am beat and losing teeth.



My journey is tiring and I must stop being a bother -


To my Sisters, my Fathers and my Mother.



We had parted but now I'm home.


I’ll be the first rise and the last yawn


Before all humanity existed, from dusk till dawn.


Away from Right & Wrong.


I am King Kong and I swear to never do you wrong.


I can destroy cities in your name and yet move on.


We can make the ground bleed from up to down.


I can make all rights in your life feel like you belong.


With me, dancing to our song.



I’ll see you there,


where no other has gone.


A garden so beautiful, a night so long.



I will find my way and my Direction is you.


My vision is new and my belief is true.



Hold my hand and take me home.


Take me to a place where we begun.


You call and I’ll come.


Just dont say you dont love me cause I'll be undone.



Here is my adieu to you and let me be true.


I love you and you do too.


I’ll die for you and you'll be blue.



Stop wasting time and come home boo


To our song,


Come to the place, where we belong.


Chest tightens,
Eyes widen.
What we were becomes just a dream.
I sleep, I wake just to scream.

What if this is all we had to say?
You look back, as you walk away.
I ask you to stay.
You walk with you feet one after the other, finding your way.

A spark is what you wish to find, right?
I'll be the fireworks in this dark and solemn night.